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Deva Prasannam

God has always been kind and showers his blessings to everyone including an atheist. A person is created either rich or poor by God and people who suffer a lot are always in search of solace. It’s always God who comes to their rescue, many pray to Him based on the advice from astrologers or seek blessings from Him out of their own interest. To lead a well blessed life we often visit many temples to offer prayers and remedies instead we should seek the blessings of Raja Kuberar. Worshipping him will enrich one's life.

Deva Prasannam is an ancient art that has been practiced since Vedic times. Deva Prasannam means Divine Udayam (உதயம்) or that which is rising at a given point in time. The term Prasannam denotes that which is present at the time when the question is posed to Swamiji.

Deva Prasannam is consulted to providesolutions related to problems in your family according to the science of astrology. It is an efficient way to know about whatever has happened and what the future holds for a person and his/her family.

Discussion regarding health, family problems, education, profession and career, foreign assignments etc. Remedial measures to overcome unending life problems. Consultations & Solutions offered for Health Issues, Family Problems, Education, Career, Horoscope prediction, Astrology, Preferable colours, numbers and days, Marriage prediction & Marriage Match can be known through Deva Prasannam divine oracle.