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Thursday Special Pooja
                 Thursday is the day for worshipping Lord Raja Kuberar. When we worship him wholeheartedly on this day will fulfill our life with Health, Wealth,  Prosperity and Success. On this day Lord Raja Kuberar blesses us in his golden armour to lead a wealthy life.

 Pooja Date: 25-07- 2024

 Pooja Timing

 Raja Kuberar Abishegam  : 10:00 Am

 Padi Poojai  : 11:00 Pm

 Maha Deeparathanai  : 11:30 Pm 

 Annadhanam   : 12:30 Pm

 Pooja Cost    : Rs 5000/-

An eternal Nithya Kala Pooja that enriches one's life!

           May you and your descendants live in peace and prosperity through Raja Kuberar Eternal Adoration.


          If we continue to perform this pooja on behalf of our family from time to time, it is certain that our descendants will gain name, fame and live with great growth and all prosperity.

A distinctive yantra for you and your family.

         Devotees who take part in this pooja will be given green silk adorned by Raja Kubera, the lord of wealth, and a distinctive yantra that will grant all yogas as Raja Kubera prasadam. Book a day for Raja Kubera Nithya Kala Pooja on behalf of your family.


For those who are unable to attend the Nithya Kala Pooja, we kindly inform them that the Pooja will be performed on behalf of their families and the offerings will be sent to their homes.

For Booking Nithya Kala Pooja

POOJA  AMOUNT      :   RS 5001/-

FOR CONTACT          :  +91 9941441555

          From our labour yearly once Special consecration (Abhishekam) to Raja Kubera with 11 herbs, garland, clothes, oil, wick, perfumes, neivedhyam for that day are offered to Raja Kubera followed by annadhanam on behalf of us and our family.


For Pooja Booking: contact us at

+91 8838237122, 044 29992758

Gpay No7305058888