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Honorary Trustee

Honorary Trustee is one-of-a-kind options available for ardent devotees of Om Sri Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam. This unique opportunity to become the honorary trustee provides exclusive benefits to members who wish to be a part of this.

It is a great privilege to be the Honorary Trustee of Om Sri Raja Kubera Siddhar Peedam. Only those immensely blessed get the privilege to become an Honorary Trustee of Om Sri Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam.

Uniqueness of being an Honorary Trustee.

  • Special Kuberar Darshan for Honorable Trustee and his/her family during all special pujas held at the Siddhar Peedam.
  • A special Raja Kubera Yagam will be held annually under the spiritual leadership of Thavathiru Sivasri Deva Raja Kubera Swamigal.
  • The Yagam is specially performed only for the families of all the Honorary Trustees.
  • Special Kuberar Feast will be given only to the Honorable Trustees and their family.
  • Special anointing ceremonies will be held for Raja Kuberar under the patronage of the Honorable Trustees.

Terms and Conditions become an Honorary Trustee:

  • Those who want to be an Honorary Trustees should enroll as a member by paying a subscription fee of Rs. 10,000/- per year.
  • The membership fee covers the honorary trustee and his immediate family.
  • Only the Honorable Trustee and his family members are allowed to have special darshan on special occasions.
  • Special darshan is not permitted for those known to the Honorary Trustee or the ones who are not part of honorary trustees ‘family.
  • Only family members will be permittedto participate in the Raja Kubera Yagam.
  • The Honorary Trustees have the exclusive benefit of carrying Raja Kuberar Gold Armor for Pooja held every Thursday.
  • Trustees who wish to carry the Raja Kuberar Gold Armor for Kuberar on Thursday should make an advanced reservation at Siddhar Peedam office.
  • Honorary Trustees who wish to meet Thavathiru Sivasri Deva Raja Kubera Swamigal can per-book their appointments and meet Swamiji at the time allotted to them.
  • Each honorary trustee will be given a membership id and the members should specify their id to facilitate bookings in advance.
  • Beloved trustees should not use this for misconduct under any circumstances.
  • Passing on the Honorary Trusteeship to any other family member or friend is not possible once you enroll as a member of Om Sri Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam.
  • The amount paid by to enroll asan Honorary Trustee will be used for Annadhanam, Temple poojas and construction.