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Situated in Kanchipuram, as Sivasaga (the companion of Lord Shiva) Raja Kuberar, the God of Wealth, Treasure and Prosperity showers the devotees with his choicest blessings. Kuberar, has the most significant power to increase his devotees happiness, health, wealth and prosperity through regular offerings and prayers.


First Sunday (auspicious day for Lord Surya) of Every Month a powerful special pooja is performed exclusively for the families of devotees who are members of Om Sri Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam.


The special pooja is offered for the families of the devotees who are members of Siddhar Peedam for abundant happiness, good health, relief from debt, to overcome business obstacles, prosperity, development and success of business.

Special sacred prasadh like Turmeric, Sea Salt, Raja Kuberar Kumkum, Kalasa Theertha, Navadhaniyam (Nine Grains) Raja Kuberar Prasadh will be sent to the members every month.

A member of the Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam

Membership Fee - Rs 501/- per month

To enroll as a member of Our Siddhar Peedam contact us at +91 8838237122, 044 29992758


Pooja for members of Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam

Day   : First Sunday of Every Month

Time : 10:00 AM


Special features for members of Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam


 - Members will be given priority.

Special darshan sequence will be arranged on special  occasion.

Yearly special programme will be held for the family.

Food will be arranged if you inform in advance about your arrival.


We cordially invite you on behalf of Om Sri Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam to become a member of Raja Kuberar Siddhar Peedam and get all the benefits and live a prosperous life.