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Impactful 9-Steps

One has to climb through the impactful nine steps at Om Sri Raja Kuberar Siddhar to have the dharshan of Sivasaga Raja Kuberar. Each step has an unique significance and offering pooja to the steps brings in lot of positive changes in one’s life.

The glory of the First step signifies goodness for oneself and brings all the prosperity he/ she deserves. 

The glory of the Second step signifies money, good family life, good life partner, betterment of life.

The glory of the Third step signifies effort, progress and success in one’s life.

The glory of the Fourth step signifies goodness in family, to buy home, vehicle and wealth for oneself.

The glory of the Fifth step signifies one to get his / her assets due to virtuous deeds, blessings due to virtuous deeds, blessings of family God in abundance. 

The glory of the Sixth step signifies one to overcome debts, get rid of health issues and to overcome all major problems in life. 

The glory of the Seventh step signifies good career and friends, blessings for childbirth, blessings to remove marriageobstacles. 

The glory of the Eighth step signifies one to overcome litigation problems, enmity and to recover long pending outstanding loan from others.

The glory of the Ninth step signifies to obtain prosperity in abundance, blessings and patronage of parents, to retain wealth / assets and overcome all issues related to possessions.